For pretty much your whole life you seem to have a somewhat pathed path. Yeah sure, each person has their bumps along the way – some more intense than others. But for the most part you go to elementary school, then middle school, then high school. You are expected to play some sport or maybe an instrument or maybe join an art club.

You have certain metrics you are judged on – how well you play your instrument or sport, what grades you get, what classes you are placed in.

And then, for those who are able, you go to college, or maybe a trade school. Or you just jump into a job to start making money.

But even so, for those who do go to college or a trade school, once you graduate the path ends.

For the first time the script you’ve been following ends and now you just have all this blank space ahead of you that you need to fill somehow – and that’s your life.

Even once you do have a job – either in your major or in your trade or hey, whatever job you stumble upon – how do you constantly make sure you are growing and experiencing a life you want to be experiencing?

For the first time you have to figure out how to spend your time. What jobs to pursue if you aren’t happy with your current job, what new activities to pursue in adulthood. How to maintain a work-life balance. How to balance the new weight you gain and body changes you experience into your twenties. Maybe  how to be responsible for other people. How to make sure your passions don’t fall through the cracks of your life.

There’s a lot to suddenly figure out. And that’s why I wanted somewhere to throw out my thoughts and experiences. 

To help me figure out (and hopefully you as well), whatever it is exactly we’re supposed to figure out.

–a twenty something.


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