Gym or Wine? Gym or Wine?

Ah. The age-old struggle.

Gym or wine and Gilmore Girls? The age-old question.

Wouldn’t it be nice if going to the gym was as fun as drinking a bottle of wine?

I’ve always gone back and forth with my gym relationship. I was fairly active growing up but I’ve always been, how should I put this? Um, not a runner literally at all. Running and I have never gotten along well and in the past I mainly associated the gym with runners. So, needless to say, the gym wasn’t the most enticing place for me.

However, about 2 years ago there was a stretch of about a year where I really wasn’t doing anything active. And while my body didn’t go through too many changes appearance-wise, I could definitely feel a difference in my energy levels and mental state. I felt like I would get out-of-breath easier, I wanted to lay down all the time, I wasn’t happy.

So finally I threw in the towel and joined a gym. A kickboxing gym to be exact. And although it was super freakin hard at first (so hard I had to sit down during the warmup in the first class) I’ve stuck with it and now it is an awesome source of stress relief and mental health medicine.


That doesn’t mean I have a super easy time getting to the gym now. For the people out there who go everyday, what are you on???

Sometimes (all the time) it is just way more tempting to lay back, turn on Netflix, and pour a glass of Josh.

And while I am very proud of myself for how far I have come on my gym journey in the last year or so, sometimes it’s okay to just sit back and sip some wine. So you know what?

That’s what I’m doing as I write this. The wine has won. And that’s okay. (As long as the wine doesn’t win everyday).

Gym will just have to wait another day.

He’ll be okay without me for a night.


So now I turn the question over to you.

Gym or wine? 



2 thoughts on “Gym or Wine? Gym or Wine?

  1. Well done for joining a kick-boxing gym! The best exercise routine is the one you stick to. I do enjoy going to the gym regularly, but you can’t go past the mental benefits of enjoying a glass of wine with close friends 🙂


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