Everything Changes – Including the name of this blog.

This is a quick post to alert the universe that I am changing my blog name from For the 20’s to:

What’s Dana Doing?

Innovative, right?

Well anyway here’s the deal. I created For the 20’s to simply have a random place to write about the books I’m reading, the thoughts I’m having, the places I’m going and so on while trying to figure out my years as a twenty-something.

That is still the point of this blog.

However, it has occurred to me that if I am so lucky, I will not always be in my twenties. And then my blog title will just be irrelevant.

So after days and days and weeks of trying to come up with a better name for what I want this blog to encompass, I couldn’t come up with a damn thing.

Or the things I did come up with were already taken.

So finally I defaulted to – “well, I still want to write about random stuff I’m doing but not have it restricted by an age limit. Why not just ‘what’s dana doing?'”

And I was like…. well that’s not that creative but I guess it fits the bill.

So here we are.

Also my name is Dana.

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to What’s Dana Doing.

I don’t really have a good answer for ‘what’s dana doing.’ I guess I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out for myself.




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