A Chocolatey day in Hershey PA

Day Trip to Hersheypark - Hershey, PA

I’ve been trying to take a day trip up to Hershey Park in PA for a while now.

Hershey Park was essentially my childhood. Or at least a huge part of it. As a family, along with my dad’s friend and his family, we would always take a trip to Hershey Park once a year.

We would wake up early and get on the road in time to finish up the 2 hour drive right as the park opened. We would start with the Hershey Chocolate Factory tour – in the building adjacent to the park entrance – before we made our way to the amusement park. And starting this way was an absolute must because of the free piece of chocolate they give you at the end of the “ride.” I say “ride” because it’s really just a slow moving cart you sit in as they explain to you how chocolate is made.

But there are singing cows. And like I said before – chocolate at the end.

After that we would head to the park and see where the day would take us.

So anyway, it’s easily been over 5 years since I’ve been to the park. You know, because I’m an ‘adult’ now I guess.

But really I’d argue that as you get older you’re more in need of taking fun days to do things like this so that you don’t get lost in the monotony of the adult™ days.


So finally we were able to find a free day and off we went!

Of course we started with the chocolate factory tour to get our free piece of chocolate. And then we went straight for the rides.

The first roller coaster we got on scared the ish out of us. I used to be really good with roller coasters growing up so when we got in line for this first one I was not fazed at all. I didn’t even think twice. A big roller coaster? Heck yeah, why not.

But I think I’m old now because my stomach flew out of my head like you would not believe. Maybe we should have warmed ourselves up with something a little smaller first. But hey – go big or go home. Or something.

After a few rides we played some games – I won a pudgy unicorn – and then of course we headed to find the beer. What can I say – I’m my parents now I guess.


Then we visited the animals in the adjoining Zoo and watched a sea lion / seal show!


….. then we got more beer. 

We also enjoyed watching a few of the acts around the park! Hershey really employs some talented young people. Between the band of college-aged kids playing hit songs and the group of college-aged boys walking around the park playing drums there was some quality entertainment during our trip!


The day was a mix of everything I was looking forward to. We even got some dippin’ dots and chili cheese fries. So truly what more can a girl ask for?

Until next time, HersheyPark!


— a twenty something

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