Weekend Updates: Puppies, Beer, and Spicy Tuna

I had an unusually large quantity of alcohol this past weekend (and met an unusually large number of puppies this past weekend).

Which isn’t to say I don’t usually drink – I just usually drink in a little more moderation. For both the benefit of my wallet and my body.

But this past weekend I went to get sushi on Thursday night and Friday night – and consumed probably a full bottle of wine, 3 beers, and upwards of 20 spicy tuna rolls in the process.

So for anyone who is wondering, my health and fitness lifestyle is going great.

But it was worth it. (So worth it).

And it didn’t stop there. Because the most important part of my weekend (and the most important part of this post) was Pints for Paws on Saturday. For those who are unfamiliar, Pints for Paws is an event held by the SPCA (in many different locations so look up the nearest one to you!) where you basically bring your dogs out and drink beer.

Unlimited beer.



They give you a glass with your ticket purchase and then you just walk from booth to booth trying different craft beers. Light beers, lagers, ciders, IPAs, stouts, of all kinds. They have corn hole, live music, cupcakes, some miscellaneous fun booths and tons and tons of dogs.


The proceeds go to the SPCA so you’re drinking beer for a good cause! Don’t have to ask me twice – I’ll do my part!

Especially when I get pink sparkly beer. No really. Pink Sparkly beer.



So shout out to Pints for Paws for hosting such a fun event – hopefully I’ll get to go back next year and hopefully I’ll be able to turn all of my friends and family who missed out this year on to the event for next year.

(Make sure to check out the SPCA group nearest you for events and ways to donate or help out!)

And then of course, Sunday was Father’s Day.

And what’s a Father’s Day celebration without a beer or two?

And really, really good food.


This Father’s Day we were fortunate enough to celebrate with our whole family and cookout on a gorgeous day.

So all in all it was a great great weekend. Every once in a while a weekend like this comes around to remind me to take a moment and appreciate life for what it is. To stop and recognize the value in the moments that make me laugh or smile, in the good food and opportunities around me, and to fully cherish the family I’m lucky enough to have.

It’s a good life, Charlie Brown.


— a twenty something.

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