random rambles | I got a contact lens stuck in my eye.

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Random Rambles

I want to start throwing out some more casual journal type posts on this blog – just to talk about things I’ve been doing, things I want to do, random things I like or don’t like. You know – without actually having to have a point to make, a lesson to express, or a listicle to put together.

So first things first, let’s address the title of this post.

I really, truly, seriously – got a contact lens stuck in my eye. I tried to put my contacts in quickly before work and almost immediately messed up the one in my right eye. I don’t know if I nicked it with my fingernail or if it already had a defect but it flew up behind my eyelid for all eternity.

I tried for about 20 minutes to get it out by gently (and then not-so-gently) rubbing my eye and throwing in some-odd 15 drops of Visine. Right before I gave up entirely half the contact moved to the front of my eye and I was able to pull it out. But it had ripped in half – so half was still in my eye somewhere, and at this point I was already 10 minutes late for work so I left it in there. Then I went to work for like… 6 hours.

I work at a bar and it was a Friday night so I was clocking in miles of movement, sweating, talking to dozens and dozens of people – all while my eye felt like there was a little tiny pointy piece of paper trying to stab its’ way through my upper eyelid.

By the end of the night I went to the back – went back to vigorously rubbing and dropping in Visine – and then no joke – I had a friend lift my eyelid up and look for the contact. After about 10 minutes he was finally able to pull the missing half out of my eye. So it wasn’t actually lost for all eternity but when you spend 6 hours of discomfort and fear over whether or not you might lose eyesight in one of your eyeballs 6 hours feels like eternity.

And that’s my contact horror story for the day. Thank you.

And then in the next 24 hours I got locked out of my house and locked my keys in my car.

I’m not going to go too in-depth with this but just know that it was a rough 24 hours. (lol)

Eventually I got in the house and eventually I got my keys out of my car. But it is sort of interesting how when one thing goes wrong there seems to be a domino effect of things going wrong. If things can go wrong they will go wrong and when it rains it pours and bad things occur in threes etc. etc.

It’s like there are little clouds of negative time-pools that you go through periodically and then once you walk through them everything’s fine again and you can make good decisions again and you stop messing simple things up.

But anyway – everything is fine. Nothing is that serious. I just thought I’d rant about my contact lens trauma for a bit.

Thank you for your time and goodbye.

— a twenty something



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